*GREYWOODS FOXIN’ AROUND  (Wilkinson 16) Tet Dor. 34” M-LM 5.8”          Sold Out  Good patterns are all the rage now, and this tall beauty certainly shines in the garden.  A soft mauve pink bloom, stamped with a round multi-pattern of light lavender and cream, rimmed with raspberry stitching.  The pattern exhibits also on the sepals, contributing to the show. Yellow into a green throat, with 3 top branches and 19+ buds. Nicely fertile, with interesting parents for any hybridizing program. Husky scapes.  [Sdlg (Piece of Sky X Marseilles Watercolor) X Get Jiggy]   ~~~

GREYWOODS KATZNESS  (Wilkinson 16)  Dor. Dip 32” ML 3-3.5”               Sold Out    Named for the star in my favorite series ‘The Hunger Games’, this feisty daylily is a pretty medium pink with a lavender slate pattern rimmed in hot raspberry stitching. The base color fades to a lighter cream pink in the hot afternoon, yet the bloom is still alluring. Deep green throat, with sturdy scapes, 3 branches and 18 buds.  Fertile.  Fun to take this pattern to the spiders.  (Crystal Blue Persuasion X Cosmic Kaleidoscope).  Limited.  ~~~


*GREYWOODS NOTABILITY  (Wilkinson 16)  Tet  Sev. 30” M-LM 6”             Sold Out   There are a number of near whites around, yet this beauty has always stood out in the seedling beds. The off white bloom seems overlaid with a subtle buff color that gives depth to it’s quality. There is some center sculpturing and the loopy bloom edges are ruffled and crimped.  The plant has good proportions, a small green throat, and is long blooming. Definitely a keeper as a garden plant and a parent! 3 to 4 branches and 23+ buds. Fertile. [Fringy X Sdlg (Wedding Gown X GW Bill Chambers)]  ~~~

*GREYWOODS PLUM LOVIN’ (Wilkinson 16)  Tet Sev. 30” M  6.5”+                     Sold Out    I love this plant with it’s interesting parents of a UF seedling crossed with Curt Turner's wonderful Liar’s Poker.  The result is a hot vivid violet plum overlaid with a silver-slate halo.  Although not registered as a crispate, the bloom pinches most of the time to create an attractive UF.  Nice plant proportions, lots of scapes and a vivid green center. 3 branches and 21 buds. Fertile. I’ve taken this back to many of the tender spiders.  [Sdlg (Michael Bennett X Twisted Mint Julep) X Liar’s Poker)    ~~~


*RAINBOW EQUUS  (Wilkinson 16) Tet  Dor. 33”  M-LM  6.5”                               Sold Out  Wow! This bloom got lots of attention from hybridizers and the garden club ladies alike last year.  And rightly so. It’s a creamy lavender mauve with a complex broken violet pattern around cream violet stacked rings, that are also on the eye-catching sepals.  Base color lightens up in hot afternoons with more movement in the pattern. Colder morning brings less consistent rings, but it’s still showy. Ruffled violet rims and a large green to chartreuse center.  3 branches and 18+ buds. Strong scapes, good foliage and nicely fertile. I only have a few to sell this year due to pre-sales.  [Sdlg (Cindys Tie Dye X South Bound Odyssey) X Get Jiggy]   ~~~

*GREYWOODS SCOOBY DUDE  (Wilkinson 16)  Tet Dor. 34”  8”  UF Crispate          75.00 This handsome dude has the attributes I like when hybridizing for spiders – nice form, many husky scapes that don’t lean and very showy in a clump.  It’s a pinched crispate of lavender mauve pink with a yellow into a green center.  A few blooms don’t crispate, yet the overall effect is one of movement in space. Better scapes and pinched form than it’s parents. 3 branches and 18+ buds. Great parents! Moderately pod fertile, good pollen.  [Sdlg (Wigglesworth X Websters Pink Wonder) X Best of Both Worlds]