~~~ We do not have any 2017 Japanese Iris Intros this spring, but hope to have a few this fall  ~~~

                              2016 JAPANESE IRIS INTRODUCTIONS                                  OF DARLYN WILKINSON        

GREYWOODS SEA FOAM  (Wilkinson 2016)   6F  EM  31”H                      Sold Out     Another blue illusion, this is a lovely blue ground brushed lavender with greyed white lines radiating outward. Lavender blue and white style arems and  nice chartreuse spears contribute to the charm. Good garden plant. 3 branches and buds. (GREYWOODS TIANA X GREYWOODS RIVERTIDE)  Fall delivery. 



GREYWOODS DANCE THE TIDES  (Wilkinson '15)  6F  EM-M  30"                     $ 25.00  Flat wavy medium blue purple with center white lines. Vivid chartreuse signals. A good doer with nice foliage and good increase. 2 branches, 2-3 buds. [(Sdlg 01-58 X GREYWOODS COLD SMOKE) X (CASCADE CREST X SAPPHIRE CROWN)]  Just a Few                                                                                               ~~~~~

GREYWOODS SILK KIMONA  (Wilkinson '15)  3F  EM  30"                                25.00    Clean light pink with deeper center pink lines. Bloom fades to a soft cream pink by afternoon. Stand-up standards create a tuft like effect. Yellow signals. Very pretty in the garden. 2 branches, 2-3 buds.  (HONOUR X SATOZAKURA)