We are pleased to offer the following Daylilies for Curt Turner
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*GERRYMANDER (Turner, C. '17) Tet, Dor, 37"; Mid; 6". Rowley, MA, where I live and hybridize, was partially encircled by a salamander-like, cartoon-lampooned, redistricting monster (see sketch in Wikipedia) by the allies of Governor Elbridge Gerry in 1812 to further the political fortunes of the then "Democratic-Republican Party" - sweet irony, and an irresistible name for this lovely magenta self with a greyed-chalk band encircling a gold throat around a small green center; and having a darker magenta outline, ribbing and midribs; and ruffled white and gold edging. Coloration is sun-fast but appearance varies with the extent of sun and shadow; Gerrymander is fertile both ways with 25 buds & 3-way branching. (T08-50) [(Mariska x Seedling) X Mary Alice Stokes] [$50 DF]   


GREYWOODS TURNER'S TOTEM  (Turner/Wilkinson '17) Dip, Dor, 38", 7", Mid. An unusual sepal mimicry of the petal pattern highlights this crispate cultivar, displaying chocolate ice cream coloration during one time-of-day and temperature phase and a soapstone grey cast at other times. Leaping out of a green throat, starburst golden darts are outlined by purple-maroon arrow tips with maroon edging that extends to the tips of the petals and with all segments evidencing maroon midribs, Greywoods Turner's Totem averages 18 buds on spacious 3-way branching and is fertile both ways.  (D06-312)   [Apache Bandana X Reuther's Brown Spider (Unregistered)]  [$85 DF]  *** PLEASE Order this Plant Directly from Greywood Farm ***       



Akimbo: (Turner, C. '16)  Tet,  Dor,  46”,  Midseason,  8”.  Named for its confident, assertive posture, Akimbo has open-faced, recurved, maroon segments featuring black highlights along the midribs and sepal centers with a bright golden, six pointed, starred throat.  With 14 buds and 2-3 way branching, Akimbo’s height, flower size and aggressive stance call attention to itself over a well-spaced bloom season.  With its not-pictured first bloom being near-black in color and given its parentage, hybridizers should note its breeding potential.  Vigorous and fertile both ways, Akimbo is a cross of Rolling Raven X Tet Fleishal's Black; T12-15.  [$100 SF]                                                                                                                       


Franklin's Kite: (Turner, C. '16) Dip. Dor. 37", Midseason, 6".  Capturing the  other-worldly, electric intensity reminiscent of the feelings generated by my experiencing the indoor-lightning exhibit at Boston's Museum of Science as a teenager, Franklin's Kite crackles and glows as an amethyst self with darker lavender eye and a chalk-white patterned band punctuated by white-to-amethyst midrib bolts and appearing overall as a lavender explosion centered by a lime green throat.  Fragrant & fertile both ways with two-way branching & 14 buds, Franklin's Kite is a cross of Frosted Amethyst X Chaotic Design.DX10-20 [$100 SF]  


Matrons of Honor:  (Turner, C. '16) Tet, Dor, 39", Mid-Late, 6.5".  Other than brides, maids-of-honor and bridesmaids seem to capture the most wedding attention.  It is long overdue to salute the women-of-marriage likely to attend those who are marrying later in life, renewing vows, or remarrying.  A cross of Free the Night X Journey of Magic, Matrons of Honor is a medium pink self with a rose band, a gold-into-green throat with white, through-the-band midribs, red veining, wavy beige-into-gold petal edging, and near-end sepal pleating.  Re-blooming in northeastern Massachusetts, Matrons of Honor displays 22 buds on-four to-five way branching and is fertile both ways.  TX13-5  [$30 DF]  


*SARA GOLDMAN  (Turner ’16)  Tet. Dor. 44”  M  5”    Lovingly named for a good friend, Sara Goldman is a cross of [[((Fooled Me X Desert Tan) X Seedling)) X Volunteer Fire Department] X Volunteer Fire Department]]. In comparison with the Stout Medal winner Fooled Me, Sara Goldman is 20” taller, more golden-orange than golden-yellow and has a deeper maroon eye with a larger bud count of 15 in it’s first bloom year. Apple green throat, deep green foliage and 2 branches.  Fertile both ways.   [$30DF]  


*SPHERES OF AFFLUENCE  (Turner ’16)  Tet. Dor. 28” ML 5.5”   A lovely royal grape self with a mirrored, banded outline of the traditional three-sphere pawnshop symbol of the Medici financial empire; outwardly radiating white-into-grape, raised midribs; silver-sliver edging; dark grape outer band & veining and a gold throat. 23 buds, 4 branches. Pollen fertile. (Digital Imagery X Crack of Dawn)   [N/A in 2019]


Payment and Shipping Information for Curt Turner’s Introductions

May shipping as soon as the ground is workable. Please make checks payable to Curt Turner. If MA delivery, please include 6.25% of the pre-shipping cost to cover MA sales tax. Shipping and handling is $10 plus $1.00 per cultivar; otherwise at the higher of UPS second-day air cost.

Please contact Curt directly regarding questions and orders at:

A Daylily-A-Day Farm
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 "Treasuring Fleeting Moments of Beauty"