*GREYWOODS BITES O’HONEY  (Wilkinson 17)  Dor. 28”  M-LM  7”                Sold Out   Hooks and teeth, oh my – this golden bloom shines from afar. Starting out a saturated deep gold self in the morning, the base color and sepals fade to a vibrant gold cream above the gold center and deep gold teeth by afternoon. Shows lots of hooks and teeth on both petals and sepals. Tiny olive green throat. Very showy, good substance, and nice foliage. Moderate increase, and nicely fertile both ways. 17-23 buds and 3 top branches.  [Sdlg (Buzz Saw X Outer Limits) X Reap The Whirlwind]                   ~~~~~

*GREYWOODS MOCKINGJAY  (Wilkinson 17)  Sev. 29”  EM  6”                Sold Out   Patterns are all the rage now, and this complex bloom was my favorite parent last year.  Base color is an illusive creamy lavender peach, with a multi-pattern of chalk bordered in raspberry blue-mauve on both petals and sepals. Hot afternoons show a lighter base color, and more raspberry hues. Showy deep green throat. Variable with the temps, yet always outstanding!  Very fertile, 2-3 branches and 13-18 buds.  [Sdlg (Aztec Headdress X Greywoods Tallyho) X Get Jiggy.                                                                                                                                                                                           ~~~~~

*GREYWOODS SKYFALL  (Wilkinson 17)  Sev/Dor. 36” M  7.5”  Repeats          Sold-Out  Every year I try to introduce a “garden club” type landscape hem, and GW Skyfall is it for 2017. A do-gooder in every way, this star-shaped bloom (a “variant” in the old days), is a soft pink lavender, with a large blue mauve pattern that feathers out in the afternoon. Big showy chartreuse center, also on the sepals.  This tall beauty put up rebloom scapes in August here.  3 branches, 18-23 buds and fertile.  [Solar Blue Angel X Sdlg (Bombay Dream X Greywoods Lofty Lizzie)                                    ~~~~~

GREYWOODS TURNER’S TOTEM  (Turner/ Wilkinson 17)  Dor.  Dip. 36”  M 7”+         95.00    *** Please see Curt Turner’s 2017 Introductions Page ***                                                                                                                   ~~~~~


GREYWOODS WEE DAZZLE  (Wilkinson 17)   Dor. Dip. 26”  M-LM  2.3”  Double        60.00  I don’t generally hybridize for small hems, and certainly not tiny doubles, but this little one is high on the cuteness factor!  Measuring at 2 to 2.4”, it’s a trumpet shaped saturated, clean gold self. Doubling varies, and was about 60% last year, but 90% the year before!  Either way, it deserves to be in the front border.  3-4 branches and 17-20 buds.  Moderately fertile.  [Malja (called Golden Zebra in the trade, has variegated foliage) X Sdlg (Greywoods River Dancer X Greywoods Dottie Do Little)]                      ~~~~~