Below are a few Hostas that we are offering for sale this Spring.

Additional new varieties may be available here if increase is sufficient.

 All our Hostas are big, field grown divisions.  We will be adding additional Hostas to the sales listing this summer, & have added some exciting new varieties on display  here at the Nursery.  ***We stop shipping Hostas when they leaf out in the spring, but ship again in the fall.

BLACK BEAUTY (Carpenter) Lg. Crinkled heavy green. Very Scarce                Sold Out      
BRAVE AMHERST  (Lachman)  Med. Pretty round blue, green w/ gold edge          12.00 
DIAMOND TIARA   (Zilis)   Sml.   Crmy white margined form of G. Tiara           10.00Clp     
DUST DEVIL (Zilis)  Med. Dark green bordered in irregular cream to wr. Ltd.            S/O       
FEATHER BOA  (O’Harra)  Sml.  Cute showy mound of narrow gold                 10.00Clp       FRAGRANT BOUQUET  (Aden)  Med.  Apple green rimmed cream. Frag. Ltd.         S/O   
JIMMY CRACK CORN  (Sawyer)  MLg. Piecrust gold w/ impressed veins.               S/O      

LAKESIDE CHA CHA (Chastain) Med Nice mound of yellow rimmed white                S/O  
LITTLE WONDER (Lachman)  Sml. Dark greeen oval edged in cream white.         S/O MIDWEST MAGIC  (Zilis)  Med Lg  Chartreuse Centers w/ wider green margins      12.00      

NEAT AND TIDY  (Simpers)  Med/Lg. Unusual rounded blue green.  Ltd.                  S/O 
PATRIOTS FIRE  (Summers) Med. Bright gold centers & white edges. Nice.            S/O   
PEARL LAKE  Sml-Med  Blue-green edger w/showy lav. blooms.  A doer.               S/O 
ROYALTY  (Anderson)  Sml.  Perfect edger of wavy chartreuse gold.               10.00Clp         
SPRITZER  (Aden) Sml-Med. Pointed green with yellow centers.                          10.00    
STRIPTEASE (Thompson) Med. Var gold grn ctrs, grn. margins w/ etching.             S/O      
SUMMER BREEZE  ( Zilis)  Lg.  Wide gold margins surround a rich green ctr.        S/O      SWEET HOME CHICAGO  (Zilis)  Med. Gold centers w/ green margins. Sun.       10.00