** All New Introductions are Sgl. Fans unless noted otherwise.


*GREYWOODS BELLA LUNA  (Wilkinson 18)  Sev. 30”  M-ML  5.75”          Sold Out   Although there are many almost white daylilies, I think this bloom is another step closer to that quest for white.  A near white with nicely pleated ruffled rims touched yellow, it has a heavy substance with noticeable indented cream veins. Small yellow center into a deep green throat. Fertile with wonderful plant habits and husky scapes. 3 branches & 19-23 buds.  [Greywoods Shades of Lace X Sdlg (Wedding Gown X Greywoods Dixie Belle)]   ~~~

*GREYWOODS CLAWS AND EFFECT  (Wilkinson 18) Dor. 31” M-ML  6.75”  Re.         85.00  A most intriguing bloom and a good landscape type plant, this peach-pink, thin pedaled flower has a rose band, white midribs and sepals that are blended with yellow-cream. Lots of gold ruffles, knobs and teeth with husky scapes and nice branching. Fertile and rebloomed here until September. 3+ branches & 21-24 Buds. Great parents to cross onto the spiders for teeth.   [Greywoods Frocks and Frills X Sdlg (Forestlake Ragamuffin X Outer Limits)   ~~~

*GREYWOODS DANCE THE DUST  (Wilkinson 18)  Dor. 32”  M-LM  6”                     150.00  This daylily exhibits a trait that I’ve mostly seen in the Blue Hostas.  It’s a soft bluish lavender, with a wide blue mauve band and a ruffled blue mauve edge on the petals. The whole bloom appears coated in a chalky white haze on most days. Like a thin translucent white glaze making it seem very ghostly!  Light green throat and fertile. Lots of blue in the parentage. 3 branches & 18-23 buds.  [Sdlg (Blue Hippo X Blue Beat) X Greywoods Chasin’ The Blues]   ~~~

*GREYWOODS INCA DAWN  (Wilkinson 18)  Sev. 32”  EM  6.5”                           Sold Out   A lovely bloom of clean near white, it’s an “almost” spider that has been a favorite of mine for spider patterns. It has a notched multi-patterned eye of washed cream, lavender to slate, out to a deeper violet. Nice lighter jagged pattern on the sepals with a good light green throat, and a thin violet wire rim.  Showy and great to cross either with the spiders or the round patterns. Moderately pod fertile & good pollen.  3 branches & 17-21 buds.  [Cindy’s Tie Dye X Sdlg (Get Jiggy X Greywoods Krystal Kid)]   ~~~

GREYWOODS LINES OF CHANGE  (Wilkinson 18)  Dip. Dor. 31”  M  6”             Sold Out   Although I am not specifically working for stripes, I do occasionally throw GW Dottie Do Little’s pollen around, and this is one of those lovely results.  Bloom is a medium lavender pink infused with irregular creamy white stripes. Apricot veining shows up at times along with a consistent white midrib. A large apricot throat radiates out into the petals. Very interesting and nicely fertile. 2-3 branches & 16-21 buds.  [Pink Stripes X Sdlg (Greywoods Dottie Do Little X Pink Stripes)]   Just a few   ~~~