*GREYWOODS COUNTRY DIVA  (Turner/ Wilkinson ’19) Tet. Dor. 29” ML 5.75”    S/O   Lovely pink with a hint of blue-lavender offsetting a yellow halo, and voluptuously-wide looping yellow gold ruffles.  Blooming from the end of July until the third week of August, “Country Diva” is fertile both ways.  2-3 way branching and 18 buds. A full sib to Curt’s Country Wonder.  #T09-54B  (Desire of Nations X Fringy)   Just a few.   ~~~~~


*GREYWOODS CYBERCHICK  (Wilkinson ’19)  Tet. Dor. 33”  EM  7.5”                          S/O  Showy sunflower yellow, open star shaped bloom (almost a UF), with an interesting broken pattern of rose, violet and cream – also on the sepals.  Green Throat.  Great to take to the patterned spiders.  3 Br/ 17+ buds.  Fertile.  [Life is a Highway X (Stenciled di Fresco X Greywoods Apache Woodsong)]  A few.   ~~~~~


*GREYWOODS LYLA MAY  (Wilkinson ’19)  Tet. Sev. 32”  LM  6”                               100.00  Like a Southern gal, “Lyla May’ is always fashionable and well groomed, with a glowing complexion!  A hot pink, almost a bitone, with a grass green center and white gold ruffled rims. A hint of a contrasting white midrib. Husky scapes and a standout in the garden.  Top 3 Br/ 17-21 buds. Nicely fertile.   [Greywoods Knuckles and Nuggets X (Lonesome Heart X Icicles)]                                                               ~~~~~


*GREYWOODS MARBORO MAN  (Wilkinson ’19)  Tet. Dor. 38”  M-LM  6.75”                  S/O  My choice for ‘Landscaper’ this year, it’s bold, reliable and a great garden plant.  Saturated coral-peach thin pedaled bloom with crimped & ruffled gold rims. Green throat.  Long blooming, with sturdy scapes, many buds, and nice foliage.  Interesting breeding.  4 Br/ 22-26 buds. Fertile.  [(Greywoods Tooth Be Told X Flaming Flamingo) X Outer Limits)    ~~~~~


*GREYWOODS TUDOR TAPESTRY  (Wilkinson ’19)  Tet.  Dor/ Sev. 31”  M  6”              S/O  Broken patterns are all the rage now, and here’s one to add to your collection.  This lavender coral bloom is enhanced with a washed eye of violet to raspberry to irregular cream. Variable depending upon the temps (sometimes more coral, sometimes more shaded lavender).  Thin violet rims on the petals. Good substance and husky scapes.  3 Br/ 16-21 buds.  Nicely fertile.  (Four Beasts in One X Thai Temple)   ~~~~~


*GREYWOODS VARSITY BLUES  (Wilkinson ’19)  Tet.  Dor.  34”  EM-M  6”                  S/O  A tidy bloom, this is a color-saturated delight.  The cream flower is stamped with a deep washed maroon-blue eye pattern, ringed in raspberry.  Fades slightly by evening, but still lots of slate shading.  Hot blue maroon petal rims.  Good green throat.  Strong scapes. Top 3 Br/ 16-20 buds.  Fertile. (Blue Wrangler X Maya Blue)   Just a few.  ~~~~~


*GREYWOODS WHISKEY MEMORIES  (Wilkinson “19)  Tet.  Sev. 36”  M-LM  6.5”       S/O  Here’s an ‘in your face’ flower, that’s the opposite of GW Lyla May.  A bit like a rowdy boys night out!  It’s a medium pumpkin blend with a large deep maroon violet eye and wavy, ruffled maroon violet rims.  Strong scapes. Exuberant!  3 Br/ 16-19 buds. Fertile.  [(Greywoods Desert Fox X Jinxy) X Greywoods Apache Woodsong]     ~~~~~