January:  Look for our New 2015 Listings soon!


We Have Closed for the Season 

 ~~ Our Open Gardens were a great success this year ~~ 

 Summer daylily beds at Greywood Farm


January - New 2014 Daylily & JI Introductions!

*We have now posted our new Daylily and Japanese Iris Introductions, along with Curt Turner's Intros.  Also check out our Spring Daylily Sales Listing, and the Hosta sale!

January 2014 

Welcome to our revised 2014 web site, containing many exciting Daylily, Hosta and Japanese Iris varieties at great prices. 2013 was another year of change for us. We finished stage 2 of our rehab, we bought and sold more horses, we had some health issues,  and winter can't decide if it should rain, ice or snow - minus 2 degrees one week and 61 the next!

The New Year is upon us and we have revised this site - but please excuse any errors. I may be a bit of a Mac geek, but don't claim to be a perfect web master (there will be typos). After all, it's really about the plants!  We enjoy the freedom of being able to change our site at will, and shall do so throughout the coming season. Look for more Hosta listings, seedling photos, and general garden pics.

This year we are pleased to offer you 6 new Daylily Introductions and 2 new Japanese Iris Introductions. Also included are the Introductions of Curt Turner, and special pages for Mike Maher.  I hope you will enjoy these pages.  I think all the Introductions exhibit good garden attributes and believe you’ll find special merits in each one. Some daylilies are in short supply this year, so just ask if you’d like something held for you.
EMAIL:  greywoodfarm@comcast.net

We’ve added back some interesting Hostas for your shade gardening pleasure - at great prices.  And don't forget to check out our lovely Japanese Irises. We've kept the page of our Historic Rehab, as folks seem to enjoy the process of an old house renovation, and have added more photos of our New 2012 Addition/ Rehab. It's certainly been a journey, but aside from the landscaping, the project is now completed.
We again offer a special thanks to all our loyal customers, who make our gardens a success. We continue to strive to provide you with quality plants, low prices and the best service possible.
Horses and Fox Hunting are still a large part of our life, so the Nursery is only open during bloom season. We enjoy visitors on our open tour dates, and the horses especially welcome pats and carrots.
Good Gardening,
Darlyn Wilkinson             
We have Closed for the Season

(Please contact us if you'd like to visit)
**Nursery Location: 73 Prospect St


 *We've again added our popular Weekly Garden Photos page for your enjoyment. We'll add additional new photos as the season progresses