CHIFFONISTA  (Turner, C ’15)  Dip, Dor, 44”, Mid, 3.5”.  A stippled medium-rose band distinguishes this tall, lovely, soft-orange, rose, yellow blend, subtly evidencing slightly lighter sepal bi-tone coloration.  Peach-rose highlights in and near the proportionate ruffling provides a finishing touch to this gem which displays 22 buds on 4-way branching & is fertile both ways (D10-131). [[Memorialize x (Ever After x Unknown)] X Seedling]];  [$30.00 SF]


*COUNTRY WONDER (Turner, C. ’15) Tet, Dor, 42”, Late, 6.5”.  Heavy substance and gobs of yellow-and-gold-gilded edge eruptions overshadow other striking features of Country Wonder, including shallow sculpting, a creamy-chalk band, glowing green throat, lavender outer-edges of the wide rose-pink petals, and stippled pink sepals.  Fertile both ways and producing wonderous offspring. Country Wonder has been re-registered to reflect maturing experience with increased height and width; 14 buds with 2-3 way branching.   Named after a 90 ton sailing vessel which was built 200 years ago on the Rowley (MA) Town Common and hauled to the Rowley River in one day by 100 yoke of oxen, Country Wonder is a cross of Desire of Nations X Fringy; T09-254  [$50.00 DF].                                                                                                                                       ~~~~~

OLD FASHIONED LASS (Turner, C. ’15) Dip, Dor, 34”, Mid-late, 5.5”.   The clean lines and soft pastel dusky-rose and yellow colors of Old Fashioned Lass bring a new beauty and a presage of autumn to the “other side” of the daylily season.  Centered by a light green throat, the petal colors are strongly reinforced in the bi-tone effect of the sepals as distinguished by a wider color-separation that establishes a wholesome sense of oneness and peace.  A tracing of white around all edges completes Old Fashioned Lass which is fertile both ways with 3-way branching and 20 buds. (Do9-189); [(What’s What x Seedling) X Seedling];  [$15.00 DF].                                                                 ~~~~~~      

PIPPA’S A PIP (Turner, C ’15) Dip, Dor, 23”, Mid, 4.25”.  A lavender band sprays outward onto the petals of a soft-yellow self, edged by ruffling ranging from wavy to piecrust, and bisected by a thin grey midrib pencil-line.  A strong green-gold throat sets off the band which begins with hints of weather-dependent blue patterning.  The splash effect is driven by purple ribbing within the band, abruptly terminating slightly beyond the band with the ribbing continuing in petal -coloration.  Pippa’s A Pip is a beautifully subtle sibling to Princess Kate.  With 17 buds and 3-way branching, “Pippa” is sinfully fertile and a pod parent to Sarah Marlo which is named for our daughter.  [D03-117; seedling x seedling];  [N/A in 2019]     ~~~~~

POLE DANCER (Turner, C. ’15)  Dip, Dor, 34”, Mid, 6”.  Strikingly visible across the garden as a variably-colored pinwheel in mauve, maroon, carmine, chartreuse, green and beige; tremulously waiting to be taken for a whirl down the garden path, Pole Dancer positioned herself upon first bloom as being coyly wrapped around a corner bed-stake.  With only 9 buds in my unwatered, unfertilized beds, improvement should be easily close-at-hand with better gardening practices.  Fragrant and fertile both ways, Pole Dancer is the daughter of [[Radiation Biohazard X [(Lavender Blue Baby x Seedling) x (Unique Purple x Siloam Tiny Tim)]]; D07-127;  [$30.00 DF]                                 ~~~~~


GREYWOODS GINGHAM MAIDS  (Turner/ Wilkinson 2014)  Dor. Dip 24" EM  2.75"         From Curt's breeding program. Fresh, breezy, “Holly GoLightly” cheerfulness radiates from the spritely upturned blooms of Greywoods Gingham Maids.  The creamy-peach petals with lemon-butterscotch borders of this complex bitone are offset nicely by sepals that match the border color.  I am reminded of Ohio girlhood days -- farm-fresh cuteness dressed in a Sabbath-best, gingham pinafore and off for go-to-meeting services with parents.  The appeal of the petals is enhanced by a grass-green throat that blends upwardly into lemon with a cream halo, rimmed and veined in darker peach and bisected by complementary midribs. 15-18 buds, 3 low branches. Fertile. [$38.00 DF]  **Please order this plant directly from Greywood Farm**



America's First Peoples

America's First Peoples  ( C. Turner ‘12) D06-288 (Seedling X Self) Dor 45” MLa 3.75 Dip.  Named to honor those who first populated the lands of Canada and the United States, America’s First Peoples presents a tall, bold, vivid red garden presence with light ruffling on the petals, a pleasant, light fragrance, somewhat lighter midribs and an apple green throat.  Fertile both ways, America’s First Peoples proudly sports 30 buds and three-way branching without the benefit of supplemental fertilizers or watering.  Good, red, northern-hardy diploids are difficult to come by.  One of my favorites.   [$20.00 DF]  ~~~

Blueberry Stained Fingers  (C. Turner ’12) D08-233 ((((Seedling x Siloam Leo Sharp) x Gunmetal) x Unknown) X Unknown) Dor 42” Mla 4.25” Dip.  Distinguished by its tall, well-spaced, 5-way branching and 29 blueberry-purple-stained upright buds that are striking from across the garden, Blueberry Stained Fingers delivers on expectations with lovely purple blooms featuring light ruffling on the petals, recurved sepals, a somewhat darker purple band, deeper colored veining and a throat that transitions through gold to green.  A nice addition near the end of the daylily bloom season, Blueberry Stained Fingers is fertile both ways [$20.00 DF]

Jocelyn Memorial  (C. Turner ’12) D96-297 (Asterisk x Seedling) Dor 53” Early 5.25 Dip.  Tall, stately, bright, handsome, the epitome of integrity, dedication and service; Dr. Jocelyn Spragg loved daylilies as exemplified in her years of leadership in the New England Daylily Society as Program Chair and Treasurer, and the selection of favorite daylilies that were her treasures.  Among them was a creamy near-white seedling displaying, among other characteristics, an unusual vertical separation between the petals and sepals that, in my presence, she discovered in a corner of Ron Rose’s seedling bed.  He subsequently introduced it as Jocelyn’s Oddity and it has been a Region 4 favorite for years.  Jocelyn Memorial is a very tall, stately, lemon-yellow bright self with a wonderful vertical separation of petals and sepals. With well-spaced, three-way branching, 25 buds, a green throat, fragrance, and fertility both ways, I cannot look upon it without Jocelyn coming to mind.  [$15.00 DF] ~~~

Sarah Marlo  (C. Turner ’12) D08-219 (Pippa's A Pip x Seedling) Dor 35” Mid-Late-to-late 3.5” Dip.  Although registered as a “light peachy beige,” Sarah Marlo’s garden presence is that of a striking near-white with a distinctively contrasting purple eyezone set off by a throat that transitions from purple shadings through gold to green. Upon seeing its first outstanding bloom, I knew that after 21 years of hybridizing, this was the daylily that would bear our daughter’s name.  Featuring 26 buds, light petal ruffling and a pencil thin purple line through the midrib, Sarah Marlo is fertile both ways and a superb pod setter; a trait inherited from its pod parent - "Pippa's A Pip", a sib to Princess Kate and a 2015 introduction, as well as being another nice addition to near-the-end of the daylily bloom season.   [N/A in 2019]

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"Treasuring Fleeting Moments of Beauty"

Taken from the porch window.