Below you'll find some beautiful or amusing photos that we'll continue to update as the season progresses.  Enjoy!


~~ 2019 ~~

Ah.... winter!

 Our favorite orchid - Odontocidium 'Pacific Sunspots" 

~~2018 ~~

Japanese Iris are starting to bloom!

Rose Louise Odier

Lovely light on a snowy sunrise

~~ 2017 ~~

Another glorious fall!

A praying mantis habing breakfast!

Chionanthus virginicus - White fringe tree 

~~2015 ~~

Fall riding..........


A cat in the sun! 

The double bloodroots are blooming.

The pathway to our back door. Probably a total of over 7 feet of snow so far this winter.  

~~ 2014 ~~

Every hybridizer's dream - a bountiful harvest of pods!

Our favorite new chrysanthum - C. "Fluffy".

Winter has returned!

~~ 2013 ~~

Went to see Cavalia Odysseo - an ode to horse & man.  Truly AMAZING!!

Everett on the "big" tractor!

Our new crop of praying mantis. They are now 2" long and everywhere!

It's Dahlia time again!

Cool Cats!

A snowy wonderland viewed through our master bath window.

More snow.......

The wellhouse that feeds the garden irrigation system

~~ 2012 ~~   

A balancing act - or is Teasel really levitating? 

"Seasonal Confusion" from Steve Dionne  


Irene's Wrath

A micro-burst came through the Nursery on the backside of Irene and took down a few trees. Among them was our wonderful 100 year old willow. The top landed 8 feet from the base, and just missed the greenhouse.


The willow before the storm.



A nest of Gray Catbird kids

Bird Watchers! 


From our snow storm in 2011 - 2 feet!


First Dawn........ 

"Bushy" our lovely Fox  (Photo by Ashley Taylor) 

From Judy Deene comes another great wildlife photo.

"That's where all the seeds go!"

The best way we know to move Barberries!

 Judy Deene's cat Teasel facing off with a red squirrel.